I can’t help my mind,
how it twists in its case,
and it grinds and it bends,
like a noisy old beast
locked up in a cage
and snarling at the ones who keep him.
It reaches and grasps
through the freezing steel bars,
and it screams for its feeding,
it screams and it snarls.
It seems not know rest,
with its eye on this key:
escape from the cage
and with certain, be free.
So it tries much appeasing,
it tries to be pleased,
but the keepers just watch him
and say “Let him be,
he shan’t go to the wild,
he’s well taken now,
I wouldn’t have believed it
but we can’t send him back South.”
So it sits and wonders
what time it be let free,
unaware of the conflicting statements seen.

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